I am sorry to tell you but im afraid i am leaving this blog
I will play Club Penguin but just not as much.
There is a good reason for this. My exams are coming up i am almost 13 i have a life thats getting more cluttered and this blog is very hard to run.
I will leave a few secrets with me.
If you want the worlds greatest way to hack and not get banned go to www.cpcheats.info and download Penguin Storm. The trainer is not 100MB its about 3.
Good Bye :(

Candy Igloo

On the pink igloos page click on all the words candy. Then you will get a cheap cheap igloo

Igloo Contest

To get into the igloo contest you simply enter it by clicking on the gold igloo on the right. Heres my entry.

Igloo Itmes and floors

Heres all the secrets and items


For Halloween the sky will be covered in smoke or a storm the smoke will be supplied from the volcano and the storm from no where. So far it's enveloped the mountain and dojo

Anniversary Party-4

For day only, only in the coffee shop the Anniversary party will come. It will be on the 24th on a Saturday. Only 1 day i admit isn't much so make sure you aren't going out.

Login Page

Theirs a new login page


It seems .that there are going to be more costumes to come. When remains a mystery


The Volcano eruption has got a purpose it's going to clog up the whole sky making it dark. So no storm or eclipse

Anniversary Party-4

The Anniversary Party is coming



The new monster is here. He is ugly. There are no secrets in the catalogue.

New postcards

These are the new postcards mainly for Halloween


The new monster is coming the stage. He is coming because the good guys have 2 superheroes and evil has a guy in a patched squid costume. His name is Melmon. He will come tomorrow

Volcano Eruption

The Volcanic Eruption is coming soon. Sensei's fortune cookie predicted a change in the wind and the smoke coming from the volcano has changed direction
Also DON'T FORGET the new igloo is out.


Oh and the Catalogue secrets.

Halloween Costumes

The new Halloween costumes have come out and a lot of them are old. My favourite is the Rad Scientist Hairstyle.
Unlike last year were there were a lot of new costumes this year there are very few. No ghost, skeleton or princess outfits

Gnome Costumes

Out of the 3 electives for the stage Gnome Costume 1 won. Just. Secong was the 3rd one followed by the 2nd

Next Pin

I have gotten information from a reliable source telling that the new pin coming out on the 8th will probably be a castle. To be precise Disney logo's castle backwards. I have no idea why though.Just imagine this picture backwards.


The costumes are coming out tomorrow and these are some things to expect. The blizzard Wizard hat is seen

Upcoming Events

New play

The new Squidzoid is coming and it features a new monster. After that a new play will come . It involves what looks to be garden gnomes.

New Music and Igloo's

This is the new music and Halloween Igloo

Blizzard Wizard Hat

This is a preview of the clothes to expect in the new catalogue coming out on the 1st of October.

Im back

I am well and truly back home and i am allowed to use a computer. I have 5 days left of holiday before school. I will post a lot.


Theses are the new events

Ninja Hideout

The ninja hideout has changed. There are 3 rings representing Club Penguin's 3 elements. There purpose is unknown.

Sensei Scavenger Hunt

These are the locations pictures. For the location in words go down.

Upcoming Events


Ninja Hideout

This is the ninja hideout. I have no idea what all the hot stuff is for